Outdoor spaces may be reserved through EMS the same way rooms are reserved.  When you logon to EMS, you must select a “building”.  You will select “Outdoor Space” as the “building”, and then you can select which specific outdoor location you desire as the “room”.  The one exception is Stokes Stadium.  Stokes Stadium is a separate “building.”  The track, bleachers, field, etc. are all listed as rooms in that “building” and are reserved individually. Please allow for AT LEAST 7-10 business days for outdoors spaces to be processed through the department. 

Outdoor Space:  Reserving Space for Stakes and Sandwich Boards

Space on campus for posting stakes and sandwich boards must first be reserved through the Student Union Reservation Office, SUB #2000, or through the online site: EMS. There are 5 locations for sandwich boards across campus, and these may be viewed on the campus map (see belowlocation 14).

You will need to indicate on the campus map where you want to put stakes, and if there are concerns about the locations you choose, you will be notified by the Student Union office.

Outdoor Space:  Purchasing Stakes & Reserving Sandwich Boards: 

If you do not have your own stakes or sandwich boards to use, you may purchase stakes for $0.50 each from the Ctr for Student Involvement, SUB #2000.  Sandwich boards can be rented from the Ctr for Student Involvement for a $25.00 refundable deposit.  They have an inventory of 5 boards.

For a map view of outdoor reservable space, please click below either for a full campus view or for a blown up version of the areas you can reserve on the Quad:

Campus Outdoor Reserve Map

Mall Reserve Map

Quad Reserve Map

How to Use EMS


Use of The Flame to the Second Century

Physical Plant Requests (i.e. tables, chairs, staging & tents)

Sound Amplification Guidelines

South Field Usage Guidelines


The Flame to the Second Century is to be lit only for special occasions.  Those occasions include memorials for members of the Truman community (such as current students, faculty or staff) who have passed away.  The Flame is also typically lit during a memorial service sponsored by the Student Senate during Homecoming each year to honor alumni and all members of the Truman community who have been lost over the last year.  Under the direction of the President, the Flame may be lit in remembrance of national or world events of significance to the Truman community.  Use of the Flame for other purposes is not encouraged.

Student groups who wish to have the Flame lit as a part of a ceremony or other activity, must have received prior approval by the Dean of Student Affairs.  On the rare occasion when a student group is allowed to have the Flame lit for an event, a fee may be assessed.  As an alternative to the Flame to the Second Century, candles appropriate for use for vigils and memorials are available for student organization use in the Student Affairs office, SUB #3100 (formerly the SUB Governors Room).

A faculty or staff advisor needs to be present at any event where an open flame is used.


All tables, chairs, staging, and tents for outdoor space need to be reserved through the Physical Plant Office, KB106.  A table/chair request form can be found at this link.  To have a tent set up, you will need to contact Greg Brown, 785-5394.


Amplified music may only be played at the Quad, Red Barn Park, or the Sunken Gardens between the hours of 5 and 10 pm, Monday through Friday.  Music may be played from 11 am to 4 pm on the weekends.  See the “Sound Amplifications Guidelines” brochure for more details.  Each organization must provide their own sound system.