The ability to move freely through the Union is essential. Patrons are expected to help keep walkways clear so traffic can move at a routine pace. Movement in the hallways, stairwells and common spaces should not be obstructed.
Truman State University is a dry campus; therefore, alcohol is not permitted in the building or on campus during the active school term. Alcohol (beer and wine only) is occasionally approved to be served in the Union during academic breaks and/or summer terms with Presidential approval. If alcohol is permitted at an event, the client must consult with Sodexo to provide this service. An alcohol fee will be charged and insurance will be required.
The Union offers a limited selection of AV equipment to use. All equipment is exclusive to the building and is not permitted to leave the Union. Equipment should be reserved in advance for all events. Staff will make every effort to accommodate last minute requests, but cannot guarantee equipment availability. A user may be responsible for breakage depending on the level of severity. Training is available for some technology offered by the Union, but not all. Please inquire at Union & Involvement Office for further details
Failure to notify the Union & Involvement Office of a reservation cancellation may result in the suspension of space scheduling privileges. Reservations with a special room setup not utilized or canceled may result in a fine. If a group does not show for a reserved time, will receive one warning before reservation privileges may be revoked.
Groups responsible for damage to facility space will be assessed a fee for repair or replacement of materials.  All reservations held by a group will be suspended until payment is received by the Union. Groups could also be subject to additional disciplinary proceedings via the Office of Citizenship and Community Standards.
The following are prohibited in the Union:

  • Tape, nails, tacks or other adhesives on painted surfaces doors, walls, woodwork and windows.
  • Covering of glass windows on room doors.
  • Sand, straw, or glitter, etc.
  • Disarray of furniture (or moving, touching or tampering with artwork in any way).
  • Hanging items on the ceiling (this may be done with prior approval, and must be facilitated by a Union & Involvement Staff member

Easels and portable walls may be reserved to assist you with your decorating needs.

We adhere to the federal standards regarding public performance rights. Documentation demonstrating that film rights have been obtained or waived must be supplied in order to confirm the reservation. More information regarding Film Policy can be found here: MoviesBrochure
In the case of a fire or other campus emergency, building staff may provide instructions to ensure the safety of the building and patrons. This may include vacating the building or locking it down for safety. We request that patrons listen to instructions from staff, and respond accordingly.
Sodexo holds the exclusive right to prepare or approve preparation of food to be served in the Union. Food may not be cooked or prepared inside the Union. A Food Waiver from Sodexo must be provided to the Union & Involvement Office prior to an event when outside catering is used.
Fundraisers and sales are permitted in the Union with appropriate approvals. No items can be sold that directly conflicts with Sodexo and the Truman State University Bookstore. Bake sales may not be held in the Union; however, bake sales may be held in any other academic buildings and residence halls
Most rooms have a flexible room setup. This should be determined when making a reservation request. If a setup or furniture must be changed, Union personnel should facilitate those changes, not the client. The Union will attempt to honor these late requests if staff and time are available to do so. Disarray or breakage of furniture within a room may result in a fine and/or suspension of scheduling privileges. Furniture and equipment used in Union rooms are exclusive to inside the Union.
We adhere to the Missouri standards for gambling. If Union & Involvement staff believe your event will be in violation, they will meet with you to discuss an alternative. More information regarding Gambling Policy, can be found here: GamblingBrochure
In the case of inclement weather, building staff may provide instructions to ensure safety of the building and patrons. We request that patrons listen to instructions from staff, and respond accordingly.
Candles and open flames are not permitted inside Truman Facilities.
Painting and other messy activities that could take place during meetings and events or are only available in the Down Under of the Student Union Building.
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that businesses and organizations that serve the public must allow people with disabilities to bring their service animals into all areas of the facility where customers are normally allowed to go. Only verifiable service animals are permitted in the SUB. Emotional Assistance Animals, animals for educational purposes, and general pets are not permitted.
Advertising of events at Truman State University is limited to recognized student organizations, University departments, and University offices. There is one public free space in the Union, located on the lower level between the restrooms.

All the publicity items such as posters should be approved by Union & Involvement Services before being hung in the Union and in other academic buildings.

Please use only tacks when advertising in the Union.

All rooms will remain locked until user notifies the Union & Involvement  Staff upon arrival. A client can come to the main office to request access to their room or they contact the Building Manager on call at 660-341-8697. If a room is used without a reservation, individual students and/or groups may be reported to the Office of Citizenship and Community Standards. Groups, Office and Departments may jeopardize their future room reservation privileges.
Sound levels during functions must be maintained at a level that will not interfere with surrounding events. Appropriate sound levels will be determined by the Union & Involvement Staff. For Publicity tables, due to table proximity and the possibility of competing sound sources, we do not allow boomboxes or live music at the tables located in the Union.
The use of the Union stage sections is strictly limited to rooms inside the Union. Request for stage sections should occur when placing a reservation.
Truman State University is a tobacco-free campus. Therefore, smoking is not allowed in the SUB or on campus. This extends to cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and e-cigarettes.
Weapons of any type are strictly prohibited in the Union.