Student Union Building Truman State University


The Union is an open building intended for use from students, faculty, staff and the community. We strive to be a space that promotes academic stimulation, as well as relaxation and recreation. The spaces in the Union can also serve as excellent spaces for various activities and meetings, and many offices are located within the three floors of our building.  Additionally, publicity tables can be reserved in our space through the EMS system.

In terms of dining options, students can enjoy a variety of choices at Mainstreet Food Court including Asian and Mexican cuisine, pizza, and Chik Fil A, or students can snack on a bagel and coffee from Einstein’s Bagels (opening January 2019).

We respect that every person has their individual needs. In an effort to provide services for the diverse needs of our community, we proudly offer the following services:

  • Universally Accessible restrooms are located on the first and third floor.
  • A restroom with a diaper changing station is located on the third floor.
  • Door Signage outside all rooms have braille script.
  • Accessibility Access on the lower (2 entrances) and main level (1 entrance). Convenient accessibility is parking located on either side of the SUB in close proximity to appropriate ramps (if needed).
  • An elevator is located on the main level in the HUB area to provide access to all three levels.
  • Registered Service Animals are welcome (see Animal Policy). If you are a  student, we encourage you to register your animal with Disability Services. If you are a faculty or staff member, we encourage you to contact Human Resources for appropriate registration steps.

Be sure to peruse the other important tabs on our site for information about our spaces, the offices here, reservations, dining services through Sodexo, and equipment rentals.


In addition to the Union office’s limited amount of equipment, the Union & Involvement Services, located in Union 2000, has electronic media available for checkout. For special academic equipment rental call toll free at (866)-520-2412.
Alliant Bank, US Bank, and Bank of Kirksville ATMs are located on the first floor of the Union across from the lockers.  These machines offers service for Cirrus, MasterCard, Visa, and other major cards.
One board is located on each floor for general use – campus posting rules apply.
A copier is located at the Information Center for student, faculty, staff, and public use.  A charge of 10 cents per copy applies, and the copier is full service.  A fax machine is also located at the information center.  You can send or receive both domestic and international faxes.  Inquire at the Information Center for details on pricing and procedures, or email them at
The Union contains both a public use elevator and a service elevator.  The public use elevator can be found outside of the main Bookstore entrance on the first floor, in the Hub (formerly the Quiet Lounge) across from Jazzman’s on the second floor, and on the mezzanine outside of the Dean of Student Affairs Office on the third floor.  Access to the service elevator can be found across from the Down Under on the south end of the lower level; next to the Mainstreet Food Court counters on the main level; and behind the Activities Room on the upper level.
The Information Center is located in the main concourse across from Mainstreet Food Court. It provides directions, information, and answers to a variety of questions concerning campus and the local area for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.  Campus maps and various campus and area brochures are available here.  Also, you may send or receive faxes, purchase stamps, or use our copy machine.
These are rented on a yearly basis at the Union & Involvement Services office. They are located on the lower level in the main hallway.
Any item found in the Union should be turned in to the Information Center.
These are located in the Student Involvement Complex on the lower level.
Located behind the stairs across from the Down Under on the first floor. Report refund requests to the main Union office.