Student Union Building Truman State University

Meet the Staff

Union Building Main Office: 660-785-4222

General Union Contact Emails:

Professional Student Union Building Staff Members:

  • Laura Bates – Director of Union and Campus Activities:
    • Oversees all services provided by the Union & Involvement Services
    • Advisor to the Student Government
    • Facilitator for the Student Management Team
    • Provides support to students and organizations
    • Resource person for all Student Involvement programs, resources and services
    • Educational background: B.S. in Business Administration from Meredith College; M.A. in College Student Development from Appalachian State University
  • Rebecca Conover– Assistant Director of Union and Involvement Services
    • Responsible for event management (contractual services, event planning, publicity, etc.)
    • Serves as the facilitator for the Campus Events and Engagement efforts in coordinating student programming, the supervisor for the Organizational Development and Engagement Teams.
    • Advisor for Student Activities Board, Homecoming Committee, and Funds Allotment Council
    • Resource person for all Student Involvement programs, resources, and services.
    • Provides support for aspects of the Union Building facility needs and issues.
    • Educational background: B.S in Sociology from Radford University; M.A in College Student Personnel Administration from James Madison University
  • Teresa West – Building Manager:
  • Mark Best – Assistant Building Manager:
  • Student Staff – All student workers at the U&I Office:


Past Union Directors

Kenneth Sykes   1966-1979
Russell Harrison   1979-1990
James Nevins       1990-1995
Verona Nichols     1995-2001
Doug Daubert   2001-2003
Mark Weidner      2003-2004
Sujit Chemburkar  2004-2008